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We are a small business too, and love helping other small businesses succeed.

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While small business marketing can be similar from one business to another, there is no one-size-fits-all “3-step plan”. For each business we take in, we take a bird’s eye view of the marketing landscape and give you an honest recommendation on what steps you should or should not be taking.  Those steps could include web design, SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (paid search, etc), social media and more. If there is any step we feel we’re not best at, we will happily give a referral, or manage a 3rd party provider, whichever makes the best fit.

Website Design.

One of the foundational pieces of digital marketing is your website. We can help build your website, using the latest in web technology and design. We specialize in WordPress, as we believe it has the right combination of flexibility, extendability, portability and support.

Website maintenance.

Once you have the website, it is recommended to have someone watch over it, keep it up to date, and monitor it for performance and issues. You should also have regular backups. If you choose, we can help with these tasks, and will throw in a monthly report on how your website is doing.

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We believe in no B.S. digital marketing approach. There are a lot of “gurus” out there claiming to have some magic tool and technique that can  get you “on the first page of Google” and claiming some special relationship with Google, etc. We won’t be telling you any of that. Instead, we will give you an honest assessment and actionable steps that you can even take by yourself if you’d like. 

Our clients come to us for trusted advise, and we value that trust above all. We will not attempt to sell you something you don’t want or need.

That said, we reserve the right to hold on to our recommendations and may not take the job if we don’t believe in the methods you ask for. Deal?

founder / creative director

Dmitriy Shevchenko

I’ve been working with  websites for over 15 years, including running another agency as a co-founder. Over time, I’ve been shifting more of my focus towards digital marketing. I’m fascinated by analyzing customer journey, user experience and the psychology of marketing. I also have a soft spot for beautiful designs.

I’m thrilled every time I help a small business to go from “zero to market”. It feels personal to me.

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